Saturday, February 12, 2011

Manila Hotel ice cream flavors: Salted egg and Ferrero

Who would have thought that an old architectural gem would serve ice cream in uniquely superb flavors?

The 99-year-old Manila Hotel, which has hosted numerous historical persons and celebrities, is also home to 2 must-try ice cream variants -- Ferrero and salted egg.


Eating the less outrageous ice cream flavor, Ferrero, is like consuming a frozen version of the popular hazelnut chocolates -- literally.

Rich and creamy but mildly sweet, it's the type of ice cream that is best eaten slowly rather than being devoured in seconds.

Manila Hotel's Ferrero ice cream can be found in Cafe Ilang Ilang, the hotel's buffet restaurant. It's best paired with a dessert that has a slightly stronger flavor, such as pistachio chocolate chip cookies.

Don't have it mashed with nuts, marshmallows and other toppings, though (also called "teppanyaki" style) as this will ruin the flavor of the ice cream, a pastry chef in Cafe Ilang Ilang suggested.


The salted egg ice cream, on the other hand, may be an acquired taste for some. 

The unique -- almost bizarre -- dessert is created by Executive Chinese Sous Chef Josephine Yu Tanganco-Candelaria of the Manila Hotel's Mabuhay Palace. 

Every spoonful leaves a sandy texture on the tongue because of the egg yolk, which is fermented by the chef herself. 

It's not as weird as it seems, though -- the black sesame paste and the low-fat milk helped tone down the taste of the egg.

This flavor should be on every foodie's must-try list. It's a treat that's easy to fall in love with, and eating it is an experience in itself. 

After all, how many people can say "I just ate salted egg ice cream" and not get a violent reaction?

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